A few things have been present in Sebastian’s filmmaking from the very beginning: his Colombian roots, his loyalty to family, and the curiosity that drives him to find meaning in every image. He believes that living a rich and deliberate life leads to good work, and that a camera can be an instrument of God’s love.
Sebastian considers himself a director’s DP - he asks the important questions to make sure every shot serves the overall vision.
This philosophy has given him the opportunity to work with cinematographers like Bradford Young, to shoot commercial films for brands such as Audi, LG, Amika, Footlocker, PUMA, AMEX, Players Tribune, and Shangri-La Hotels, and to film the Bleacher Report web series Untold Stories.

Addy Silver  2024 - "Solid Core" Cinematography
Telly Gold - 2020 - "Reading a Love Letter" Cinematography