Sebastian Nieves is a free spirit who loves to push his limits.


Lets get into this. When I was a young boy living in Colombia, my grandfather would visit from the states. I was fascinated by his VHS camcorder. From there I pretty much knew that I wanted to create films.


After high school and moving to the states, I wanted to find ways to get into the industry. So, I applied for a few PA jobs and the rest is history. From working hard on all sorts of sets and such, I grew. I got the chance to be an 1st AC for a few years. And ever so subtly I transitioned into a Director of Photography.


The human essence is a blend of spirit and physical being. Through my cinematography I love capturing that human essence. I believe we all have our unique take on life. Mine comes with a spice from Colombia and the expression of my joy of being.


I am only as good as my crew, which means this is a team sport. My job as a DP is to execute and enhance the director's vision to the best of my capacity. Prep is the most important part of any project, I believe that's where half the film is created. Being on set can get stressful, which is why I keep it easy going and above all, a smile always gets the job done.


On my days off, I enjoy time with my lady Stephanie. We have a podcast (click here), where we share our life stories. Additionally, my family is where my heart is. Sunset walks, working out, and prayer keep me grounded. Life is a balance of family, home, and work. I strive everyday to stay balanced and live a good life.


Thank you for coming here, please reach out with any questions. I am more than happy to help.